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EDGE 4-year, 50,000 Mile Warranty


Our 4-year, 50,000 Mile warranty on all repairs is a groundbreaking advantage for customers who use independent repair shops. The EDGE warranty exceeds those of other independent shops as well as BMW’s and MINI’s warranties on parts and service.

Why did we do this?

Since opening in Mountain View (now in Fremont, CA) over four years ago, we noticed that we wouldn’t see the same car twice for the same repair. Although this is always our goal and expectation, we were curious to understand what we were doing right.

We began following up with customers to see how their cars were performing. It quickly became evident that upgraded components, our commitment to the best possible repair, and years of experience were producing repairs that kept cars on the road and customers happy.

Consequently, we realized that our previous 2-year, 25K mile warranty could easily be extended, so we did just that. But above all, regardless of our warranty, EDGE will always stand behind our work and consistently go the extra mile to satisfy customers.

How can we offer a 4-year, 50,000 Mile warranty when nobody else does?

Our mission has always been to add durability and increase performance without adding cost. We’ve found that these core values are better for our customers, create goodwill, and ultimately save everyone’s time.

Because we’ve repaired, built, and raced BMWs, MINIs, Porsches, and many other makes for many years, we know their inherent weaknesses and how to repair them for extreme conditions. Out of this experience, comes our intuition and know-how. And that directs our choice for the best parts, often parts not meant for a particular application, but much better than the original factory-specified components.

With the better-than-OEM parts and our rubber-meets-the-road experience, comes our commitment to a superior repair. This is how and why we can give every repair a 4-year, 50,000 Mile warranty.

What this means for you

  1. Original Equipment(OEM) or OEM-quality parts. If there is a better-than-factory aftermarket part available, we will use it before OEM. We know what the better parts are because we’ve tested them on our own cars.
  2. EDGE only uses high-temperature fluid because it extends service time. We also check the moisture content in the brake fluid every time your car comes in for service, regardless if it's for brakes or not.
  3. Aftermarket reinforcement plates. When servicing rear shock mounts* on E30, E36, and E46 BMWs (1982-2006 3 Series), we upgrade them with aftermarket reinforcement plates—a far stronger alternative than using the typical part. The upgraded components come at no additional cost. * This is not uncommon in older BMWs
  4. Top-shelf bushing replacement. As the newer BMW E9X 3 Series (2006-2013) ages, bushing replacement is becoming a more common requirement. To extend service life and increase performance, we only use bushings from the E9X M3 (2008-2013).
  5. Updated and durable coils. The ignition coils on E9X 3 Series BMWs (2006 to 2013) have been an issue since its introduction. To ensure longer and more reliable service life, we only use the most updated and durable coils from BMW. Sounds like a no-brainer, but older, inferior versions are still available at lower prices, and we’ve found these installed as replacements in some cars.
  6. Updated bushings with limiting shims. The rear trailing arm bushing (RTAB) on the E36 and E46 (1992-2006 BMW) is one of their few weak points. To increase longevity, we use updated BMW M-Car bushings that include limiting shims. The combination of more durable material and shims almost makes them a lifetime bushing. The better bushing also keeps your alignment more consistent which can increase your tire life.
  7. Robust front control arm bushings. On older MINI Coopers and all E46 3 Series non-M3s (2000-2006), the front control arm bushings (FCAB or LCAB) often need replacing. To extend their lifetime, we use a more robust bushing found on newer MINI Coopers. Yes, the MINI bushings work better than the BMW factory part on the E46 3 Series.
  8. Reinforced chassis repairs. With all chassis repairs on the E30, E36, and E46 BMW 3 Series (1982-2006), we weld on reinforcements in addition to the typical standard repair specified by BMW.
  9. Upgraded transmission mounts. For most repairs* on BMWs that require transmission mounts, we use upgraded OEM mounts. These are a harder durometer than the stock rubber and last much longer than the OEM-specified transmission mounts. * The upgraded transmission mounts do not fit every BMW

Wrapping Up

No-Risk Inspection

Does your car have an issue but you're not sure what it is? Contact us to set up an appointment for a free under-car inspection. There’s no obligation, and we can tell you what the problems are or if there are no problems at all.

Aftermarket Car Warranties

Typical aftermarket warranty companies are notorious for doing as little as possible. Through our years of working with warranty adjusters, we have created solid and trusting relationships with them. These relationships make it possible to get the required repair(s) so you get the most value from your warranty.

Insurance Companies

EDGE partners with high-quality body shops that work with us to restore your car to its original condition. In partnership with these trusted relationships, we work with your insurance company to get all necessary labor approved, including often-overlooked repairs.

If you have questions about what body shops to go to, or how we can work with your chosen body shop, contact us. We’ll help you get the most value out of your insurance.

Contact EDGE, Fremont

4 Year, 50,000 Mile Warranty

Good on all parts and service

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  • Engine and cooling systems
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  • Electronics
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“For years I have looked for a BMW specialist that is knowledgeable, easy to work with, fair priced, and accommodating. Edge is my go to shop for both my street car and my track car.”
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